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Movie Gallery

The term movie gallery refers to the collection or exhibition of items and memorabilia from different movies. Movie gallery items, especially from film classics and blockbuster hits, are considered rare collectibles.

What kinds of items are found in a movie gallery?

* Movie posters

The most common items found in a movie gallery are movie posters. Movie posters are printed materials that are used to advertise and promote films. These movie gallery items feature illustrations or pictures of characters, images and other symbolisms related to the film. Other information printed on these movie gallery items include the film's title, tagline, stars, directors, producers, writers, home studio and release date. Digital copies of movie posters are also available in online types of movie gallery.

* Film costumes

Film costumes refer to the clothing items that were worn by the actors during the filming of the movie. This type of movie gallery items may be in the form of Victorian dresses, superhero suits, wedding gowns, metal armors, Italian suits, sports gear, swimwear or mascot costumes. Examples of film costumes include Bruce Wayne's batsuit, Harry Potter's Gryffindor robes and Princess Leia's metal bikini from Star Wars.

* Movie props

The items used in the making of a movie are called movie props. This type of movie gallery items can be everything from metal swords and sports equipment to cooking pots and bedside lamps. Replicas of this type of movie gallery items are available for purchase in many souvenir shops, movie stores, retail stores, flea markets, variety stores and department stores. Examples of movie props are Tom Hanks' ping pong racket from "Forrest Gump", Kate Winslet's Heart of the Ocean necklace from "Titanic", John Lennon's Gibson guitar from "A Hard Day's Knight" and Renee Zellweger's journal from "Bridget Jones's Diary".

Where can movie fans find a movie gallery?

One common source of a movie gallery is a museum. Many museums contain a movie gallery where film studios, directors, producers or actors can showcase the films they were involved in. In some museums, visitors are asked to pay a corresponding entrance fee to view the movie gallery. Movie gallery items are also displayed for public viewing before scheduled auctions or sales. Another popular source of a movie gallery is the Internet. Instead of physically showcasing different movie gallery items, an online movie gallery displays different movie memorabilia by posting their photos online. Photos of the different movie gallery items are available for either online viewing or personal downloads. Purchase of the different movie gallery items is also allowed in selected movie galleries.

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